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Manstore M799 – Rock ‘n’ Roll, Baby!!

Time for you to get tough, and rough, with the all new Manstore M799 series! From studded leggings to studded boxer briefs, these Manstore styles will give you instant cool with their modern shapes and metallic finish.
As expected, for the new season Manstore comes through with a myriad of exclusive underwear styles that will no doubt leave you standing out.
These exclusive and eye catching styles will transform your (party) look from dull to dapper instantly.
We have two words for you: Rock on!

Manstore M200 Hot String Pants – New style!

You have been searching for the perfect underwear that combines the feeling of freedom you get from waering a thong, and that perfect support a trunks gives you?
Then you should discover The new Hot String Pants from Manstore. The new Manstore Hot String Pants let you embrace a bit of exposure and comfort.
Made of the finest polyamide-stretch quality that defines your body in the best possible way.
Reveal a little bit of your cheeky side with this new men’s thong-trunk hybrid style that uses a slick fabric and minimal cut to the rear for more exposure.
Lovers of minimal constructed underwear have to get their hands on this new style from the populair Manstore M200 series!

Manstore Beach M750 – Uitgesproken swimwear

manstore swim

Durf jij net een stapje verder te gaan met zwemkleding? Dan is dit bericht voor jou!
Vanaf nu kun je met de nieuwste Manstore zwembroeken of Manstore zwemstrings in stijl het strand betreden om te zonnen en te zwemmen!
Manstore heeft voor het komende zomerseizoen de bekende bestsellers uit de collecties uitgebracht in een schitterende en unieke Beach collectie.
Of je nu kiest voor de strakke Manstore zwemboxer, de bekende Cheeky Brief of de gewaagde Micro Pouch; alle Manstore zwembroeken uit de M750 serie vallen soepel om het lichaam, geven perfecte ondersteuning en zullen je zelfvertrouwen een boost geven.
Alle modellen zijn uitgevoerd in zwart met glimmende wetlook afwerking en reflecterende tailleband voor contrast.
Ontdek snel de nieuwe Manstore zwemkleding!

Manstore M750 Beach Collectie – Gewaagde swimwear

manstore swimwear

Vanaf nu kun je met de nieuwste Manstore zwembroek of Manstore zwemstring in stijl het strand betreden om te zonnen en te zwemmen!
Manstore heeft voor het komende zomerseizoen de bekende bestsellers uit de collecties uitgebracht in een schitterende en unieke Beach collectie.
Of je nu kiest voor de strakke Manstore zwemboxer, de bekende Cheeky Brief of de gewaagde Micro Pouch; alle Manstore zwembroeken uit de M750 serie vallen soepel om het lichaam, geven perfecte ondersteuning en zullen je zelfvertrouwen een boost geven.
Alle modellen zijn uitgevoerd in zwart met glimmende wetlook afwerking en reflecterende tailleband voor contrast.

Manstore M107 Series – Tough with a rough edge

Fall/Winter season has just started but already we would like to add the new Manstore M107 series to our favorites list.
Because of the brand’s great success of producing high quality body-hugging faux-leather and latex styles, the Manstore design team decided to add a new fetish style to their ‘never out of stock’- collection.
This sublime fetish series is based around a black microfiber with a lush, silky smooth finish.
It has a touch reminiscent of latex, but the practical advantages are clear: fully washable, breathable and highly elastic.

You can choose from a variety of sexy styles, including the Manstore M107 Cheeky Brief, the Manstore Bungee Pants, or the new Manstore M107 Brando Shirt.

Ready fo a new adventure? Go rough and tough with Manstore‘s M107 series!

Manstore M420 and M200 series – Vinyl or Fine

Due to their success, the Manstore M420 and Manstore M200 series have been available for several seasons now. As of today you will find these popular series in our store again! Available as Micro Pants and Tower String; tight shorts with a comfortable elastic waistband or a modern thong for men, both in black, red and vibrant blue. Made of a shiny, firm – yet flexible – vinyl-stretch quality to give you the tough fetish look.

Too daring and exciting for you? Then cover your body in the fine microfiber fabric of the Manstore M200 series. Made of the most comfortable, ultra-thin microfiber to accentuate your best features. A stylish collection of men’s underwear carrying the Manstore Cheeky Brief, the Manstore Sprint Pants and the popular Manstore Zipped Body; a sleek and comfortable bodysuit for men with an easy access front zipper…

Check out the latest Manstore Underwear realeases from the Manstore M420 series, and the Manstore M200 series in our shop and discover the perfect combination between comfort, sensuality and quality!

Manstore Rainbow Edition – Pre-order now!

Manstore Underwear Limited Edition

Manstore adds a pop of color to your summer Look with the limited Rainbow collection. A special, unique and limited range of men’s trunks and thongs, available in twelve amazing colors!
Because we know how hard choosing your favorite color is, we are giving you the chance to pre-order the color (or colors!) and styles you desire.

You can choose from the following colors:
Capri, Blush, Lime, Cyan, Sunset, Fuxia, Leaf, Aqua, Chili, Crocus, Reed and Royal.

Retail prices for the Rainbow pants and Rainbow thong will be 33,95 Euro and 28,95 Euro.

You can pre-order the Manstore Trunks and Manstore Thongs from the Rainbow Collection till March 25th.

Add a splash of color to the new season with the Rainbow Collection from Manstore!

Manstore Cheeky Brief

The word “cheeky” can be interpretated in different ways… The word itself is taken from the word “cheek” which is often also used for one of the buttocks. Besides that the meaning of “cheeky” is also tacky or camp. So you can state that whenever we are talking about a “cheeky” brief or slip, we are talking about a daring one and it has all the focus on the bum… The cheeky brief has a low-waist cut on the front and high at the back. You could call it the perfect combination between a brief and a string. If you love the “freedom” when wearing a string but you prefer a bit more support and body than you could use the “cheeky” brief as it has both …

The Manstore Cheeky Brief is available in several materials and colours but the shape and fit does always stay the same ! A good pouch gives great support and gives an extra dimension on the profile. The back is designed to give your bum just the extra bit and accent…

Don’t mix up the cheeky brief and the hot pants as they are both by Manstore. However the hot pants have a lower cut waist in the back and you could see these as a combination of men’s trunk underwear and men’s thong underwear.

If you would like an alternative for the Manstore Cheeky Brief, have a look at the Body Art Hipslip or the Joe Snyder Mini Cheek. However, the Joe Snyder Mini Cheek has an even higher cut at the bum.

Did you get curious about the cheeky brief ? Have a look on our selection of cheeky briefs. Maybe you would like to share your own experience or maybe you have a question ? Just write us an email at info@bodywearstore.com

Men’s Underwear

All men’s underwear clearly and easily put in one category or sub-category ! From now on you can find your favorite pair of underwear easy and quickly in our webstore. Whether you are looking for a Manstore thong or that one perfect Emporio Armani boxershort… searching and finding those favorite men’s underwear is now a lot easier and faster with our all brand new menu.

We have tried to give all our productgroups different chapters in our store. That is why you can now go directly to men’s body’s and singlets but also to our selection of men’s lingerie. Here you can find the most beautiful men’s briefs and boxershorts made of the finest materials.

Buying your favorite men’s underwear is now even more fun at The BodywearStore!

Manstore : Excentric Men’s Underwear eversince 1969 !

Manstore Underwear offers you men’s underwear and bodywear eversince 1969 ! The Manstore collection is made of extra ordinairy materials and it’s especially designed for the male body. Besides it has an unknown beautiful and refined fit without caring about any taboo. Manstore is more than your everage men’s underwear and it shows! Even the new collection shows it’s bold and daring. Wildest prints, beautiful mesh materials and comfortable stretch fabrics. All underwear feels like a second skin. Nothing is too much when it comes to a design of Manstore…

Show your wilde side and find your favorite in the brand new “Zoo”-collection or maybe you like to try out the new leather look bodywear… With or without zipper.

Is it all a bit too daring for you ? No worries, there are plenty of different styles and models ánd fabrics … You easily find something that suits you well. The Manstore Collection is beautiful, exciting, daring, pretty and has a range of boxers, trunks, briefs, cheeky briefs, strings and jocks to choose from… Have fun and check our website to find the latest styles of Manstore.

Clubwear for men | Men’s Clubwear

Are you looking for a fun, sexy or tough looking outfit for a night out ? At The BodywearStore we offer you a nice and beautiful variety of clubwear for men and even more! Whether you are looking for an awesome looking t-shirt, a fun looking tank, a tough looking pant or a daring short… at The BodywearStore men can find the clubwear they please. The one and only designer clubwear by N2N Bodywear, Manstore, Body Art and of many other brands. On our website we have a special section dedicated to Clubwear so it makes shopping a lot more easy for you. If you are going out to a club, a dance party, a swingers evening, a fetish night… it’s always fun to look your best and in the desired style or dresscode. Maybe you just want to try something a little different ? Searched and surfed long enough on the net for men’s clubwear, gentlemen’s clubwear, partyclothes for men ? You now can check out or store and we are sure you will find something you desire for a steamy night out and about … Have fun and party !

To wear a men’s thong

Are you ready to wear something different and do you dare to wear something a bit more teasing ? Choose a men’s thong ! To wear a thong is defenitely not just for women. Men do wear thongs and feel relaxed wearing them. An American research states that on a worldwide scale 20 % of all men do wear thongs regularly. However the percentage of men wearing thongs in Holland and Belgium is a bit lower we do know by experience that there are plenty of men buying strings often. Although more than 50 % of women say men are not appealing in a thong, they do admit to the fact it is normal for men to wear one. On top they even admit seeing a men’s bottom is attractive to them !

Buy a men’s thong

Are you convinced and would like to try a men’s thong or do you think your spouce would dare to wear a men’s thong ? In our shop we do have a large collection of men’s tongs to choose from. We do have plenty of well known brands like HOM, Olaf Benz, Manstore, Joe Snyder, Emporio Armani who bring thongs to pick a favorite from.

Finding a men’s thong

Finding a perfect thong might be a very tricky thing to do. Especially being new to the ‘world of men’s thongs’ it is often confusing and difficult to choose from the large offer. If you are looking for comfortable thongs and those with a perfect shape you might prefer a cotton one from HOM. On the other hand you might like to wear a bit of a softer fabric and you prefer the microfiber thongs of Emporio Armani and Olaf Benz. Are you willing and most of all do you dare to go a bit further, you might want to try a thong of Manstore, Body Art or Joe Snyder. In our shop you will find a nice selection of tempting, teasing and sexy men’s thongs.

Wearing a thong makes you feel sensual and free. You will enjoy the style of freedom and comfort. We are sure to offer you men’s thongs made of a high quality and beautiful fabric. Are you man enough and is nobody telling you what you should or should not wear ? So them what you are made of and dare to wear a men’s thong …

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